This game is a Text-Based RPG Dating Sim (Still in beta version)

Here are some things added into this beta.

-new monsters (forest can now be progressed)
-New area (desert!)
-Items drops have been added.
-Shop has been added.
-Rogues will now find they have a better chance to dodge or get critical hits.
-Fleeing has been added.
- Parry has been added.
- Several characters now have pictures

Download the Game:

This thing is not close to finishing but we would like to hear feedback!

Please comment here, PM me, or email the game programmer (Noir):

EDIT: ‘Something Doomy forgot to mention is that save files should be compatible with the new version of the game. To use a previous save, simply move the .dat files from the folder the previous version is in into the new folder.’ - Noir