Demented is an LGBT comic about corruption being forced upon the mercenary named, Slayne Dewolfe who seems conflicted about what is right and what is wrong. He discovers he is not entirely human and that he can grow to become a powerful demon in exchange for his humanity. 

There are many mythical creatures introduced in Demented such as Angels, Demons, Dragons, Phoenixes, etc. And they all seem to have a balance or way of co-existing between one world to another. However, there are still a lot of prejudice and racism between other species, the one affected by most of it are the Incubus/Succubus clans. Fed up with being a slave, Kael Faust bands together along with renegade demons to claim back their freedom at the cost of precious souls. 

Rebel demons, Holy angels, Mythical Gods and Humans are all mixed into what seems to be a powder keg about to blow up in all of their faces in this modern sci-fi/fantasy.



1. Is Demented a Yaoi comic?

- This comic is too plotty and complicated to be your typical yaoi comic but for the most part, yes, it does have some BL (Boy's Love) elements though the story is not heavily focused on romance at all. There are characters who are straight, homosexual, asexual, pansexual and everything in between so it’s safe to assume that it’s an LGBT comic. 


2. Why does Kael wear a skirt? Is he really a boy?

- Kael is male and he likes to wear skirts and BDSM-inspired outfits because he simply likes being both feminine and masculine in a fun, creative way.


3. Why do you update once a week?

- The comic is in full-color and I’m working on this alone (and for free) so the pages eat up a lot of my time since I’m working and going to college. Patience is a virtue, but 90% of the time I keep up with the schedule.


4. Is this an erotic comic?

- No this is not an erotic comic. There are a few sexual jokes and innuendos though. Occasionally there are few frontal nudities but it's not often and eroticism isn't the major point of this comic at all. If I ever do draw ‘sex scenes’ it would be implied. 


5. Is there religion in this comic?

- Aside from a Heaven and Hell there’s not much religion going on. I mostly reference a lot of Chinese and Greek mythologies along with referencing some philosophical views. I try to combine them all into this comic to create the demons/monsters appearing in this comic. If any of it offends you for some reason, I’m sorry. ^^;;


6. How long will this comic last for?

- I’m assuming it would take years to finish this comic (unfortunately) because it has such an enormous world. But I’m willing to continue this series and go on the journey to shovel out pages if you readers are still sticking around lol.