Personality: This hot-headed and rude killer-for-hire doesn't care about anyone other than himself. Slayne doesn't really trust his self-proclaimed brother Kael, but agrees to participate if it will help him get out of the abyss. He is very selfish and greedy with an addiction for cigarettes, booze and video games. Refuse him of these items and face dire consequences ... Aside from his brash demeanor he can be very calm and easy to talk to which very few get to witness. He used to be good friends with Valentine and it seemed to be the happiest he's ever been but that was all in the past. Slayne will do whatever it takes to survive even if it costs him his humanity and nobody will stand in his way. 


The fact that he's a natural-born hunter frightens him, yet feels so right. 



Personality: He may seem childish and playful at first but looks can be decieving. Poisoned by corruption, this once innocent child has sacrificed his sanity for power. Kael is a very powerful incubus who vanished into the forgotten lands where he practices forbidden magic and grows stronger with every soul he devours. The incubus seeks vengeance and is driven to free his demon-kin from a tyrant Dragon King. Although he claims that his goals are righteous, his actions are considered evil. Kael is a master of manipulation who will always strive to get things done his way.


Kael adores his younger brother Slayne, and will do whatever it takes to make the human accept his demonic heritage.



Personality: Ambitious as well as cold and calculating, he alone is sent out to 'cleanse' Heaven's enemies with his sacred fire. He is famously known throughout all the realms for using his fire-magic against the forces of evil throughout many centuries. However, during his stay in the Earth-Realm, he fell for a half-demon who changed him completely. Because of his weakness for Slayne, he was caught off-guard and held captive by an Alchemist named Mephisto who used Valentine's body as a part of his experiments. As a powerful phoenix he is considered a God by many but even Gods can make mistakes. He will do everything in his power to right his wrongs. 


With Slayne becoming a danger to himself and everyone around him, Valentine feels it's in his duty to stop and kill the very person he once cherished. 




Personality: Noel wanted to be a famous singer ever since he was young and even found the gig of a life-time. Unfortunately, he was gunned down at the airport with all of his dreams shot down as well. He now works as a teacher for young cherubs and acts as a tour-guide for new angels. Although a bit disappointed with this outcome, Noel tries to not let it bother him too much. The angel has a very friendly demeanor but sometimes overreacts or gets frightened easily. Despite all of that, his skill in holy-magic is very powerful which is a valuable asset in helping Valentine during his time of need. 


With Valentine threatening to go Supernova on Heaven, he is forced to work with him whether he likes it or not.